Gel Nails Extensions Training

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One Week Training Coarse

Welcome to the Nail Industry!

This is an industry full of exciting opportunities for talented and motivated nail professionals.

You are taking the first step toward your success by becoming a Certified Blush Nails Technician.

As with any industry, there is always plenty of competition. In order to gain a competitive advantage you need to do something that makes you not only different, but better.

We are the brand in the industry that combines the highest quality products with the best possible educational support at fair prices, which allows you to remain both highly competitive and profitable.

Once you have our products and know how to work with them properly, you will be issued a Blush Nails Technician Certificate to post at your nail station. This will distinguish you from other nail technicians and let your customers know that you are an expert on the application of  Blush Nails enhancement system.

You are not required to have a qualification in nail manicure to attend this course as this is a stand alone treatment. Achieve stunning results for your clients quickly and easily with our professional training.

On this course you will learn how to create a UV Gel Nail as well as learning the new techniques the clients are asking for, keep up with demand and add this training to what you offer.

Many students who are new to nails find this course easy to pick up and often move onto attending the manicure and pedicure course afterwards.

We provide all the materials to use during a training and this is included in the price of the course.

Maximum of 4 students in a class, keeping it small ensuring individual attention.

This is one week training course. It coast 70000 KSh. It includes StartUp Kit, Training Manual, BLUSH Certificate.

Gel Nail Extension Course Content

  • Self Presentation
  • Working Area
  • Record Keeping and Consultation
  • Contra-Indications to Artificial Nail Structure
  • Contra-Actions
  • Nail Anatomy
  • Choosing The Correct Enhancement System
  • 10- Step Quick Preparation
  • Application of Nail Tips & Forms
  • UV Gel System
  • Application of UV Gel, Natural & French
  • Troubleshooting

StartUp Kit

  • Blush 3 in 1 Clear Building Gel 1pc
  • Blush Bright White Building Gel 1pc
  • Blush Camouflage Pink Building Gel 1pc
  • Nail Form 100pcs
  • Metallic Pin for French Application 1pc
  • Brush for Gel Application 1pc
  • White Buffer 1pc
  • Dust Brush 1pc
  • Orange Stick 3pcs
  • Files 3pcs
  • Natural Nail Tips 500 pcs 1pk
  • Nail Tips Glue 1pc
  • Nail Tip Cutter 1pc
  • Nail Wipes

Welcome to Blush!