Nails Extensions (Gel)


Knowing that your nails look well groomed and polished boosts self-confidence and can make you feel more professional, prettier, even sexier! While most of us can easily beautify our natural nails—at the salon or at home—many women who wish for beautiful nails have trouble growing their nails, or have weak or brittle nails. For them—and for anyone who wishes to enjoy the beauty of long nails—nail extensions can be a great solution.
We offer gel nail extensions for customers looking for extra length and strength. This service begins with us applying a nail tip to the nail to add length. This can then be trimmed to the desired length. Gel extensions give a super glossy finish to the nails and have a natural look. They will last up to 3 weeks and you will need to return to have them infilled. This is done by buffing down the gel and applying fresh gel to the nails. If you would like to remove the gel, you will need to return to the salon and have these carefully buffed off by your technician.
  •  Gel over natural nails 2000KSh
  • Color gel over natural nail 2500KSh
  • French gel over natural nails 2500KSh
  • Full set Natural 2500 KSh
  • Full set French 3000 KSh
  • Full set Color 3000 KSh
  • Refill Natural 2000 KSh
  • Refill French 2000 KSh
  • Refill Color 2000 KSh
  • French gel for toes 2000 KSh
  • Color gel for toes 2000 KSh
  • Gel Remove 1000 KSh
  • Nail art per nail from 50 KSh