Gel Polish

We have been providing beauty solutions on the cost in Mombasa for a long time. Now, we have the icing on the cake with the Gel Polish! Gel Polish Manicure and Gel Polish Pedicure. Gel Polish manicures and pedicures are cost effective in the long run as it lasts longer than the normal manicure and pedicure.
Today colored nails are a part of daily life. Gel Polish is the durable variant of nail polish for everyone who does not want artificially shaped nails but still want to benefit from the long durability of the color on the natural nail. Gel Polish is available in high gloss colors, as a matt version and as a highlight polish to be painted over the desired color. It is applied like a nail polish and then hardened under a UV light for two minutes. Then remove the dispersion layer and the beauty treatment is complete. The effect is smooth nail polish and you won’t have any unattractive brush strokes on your nails. The color polish on a gel basis holds for up to four weeks and is suitably for daily wear. It doesn’t chip and is scratch-proof. If you want a new color, we can simply soften the gel polish with remover and remove it with an orange stick. As with normal gel shaping, we can also decorate your nails with nail art and give your hands that special touch. We offer a big selection of colors and combination possibilities to stimulate your imagination and make you happy.
 What is Gel Polish?
Gel Polish is a cross between traditional nail polish and gel nails. It is applied like nail polish but it dries like gel. It lasts for over 25 days and does not chip or smudge and does not lose its shine and shimmer. For over 25 days, your hands and feet look as if you have just come out from salon with a manicure and pedicure.  Gel Polish manicures and pedicures do much more for your nails than just looking good. Many women have noticed that Gel Polish color makes your nails stronger, refined and healthier.Gel Polish is smudge proof nail color and chip proof nail color!
We have a trained team of nail professionals at our salon providing Gel Polish manicures and pedicures. Although Gel Polish manicures and pedicures are a little lengthier process but once done the time spent is worth it and no need to wait for drying time, which completely avoids any smudging. The manicure and pedicure process is the same as any other manicure and pedicure but is preferred more because after each layer of applying the Gel Polish, it is cured underneath a UV lamp and the Gel Polish is immediately dry. And finally Gel Polish nail is wiped with alcohol to remove the sticky film from nails. And then, you are ready to flaunt your Gel Polish color manicure and Gel Polish color pedicure to all your friends and make them jealous.   
  •  Color gel polish over natural nails  700 KSh
  •  French gel polish over natural nails  1000 KSh
  • To remove gel polish and apply new color  1000 KSh
  • To remove gel polish  500 KSh