Blush Nails


Blush Nails is a professional nail enhancement system.

To order please WhatsApp 254 733 756029
  • White Building Gel

    White Building Gel

    This is bright white building gel for French Manicure; the ultimate classic look which always in style. 25g; 2500ksh...

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  • Camouflage Pink Building Gel

    Camouflage Pink Building Gel

    This is camouflage natural pink building gel. It is ideal for a nail bed extension and for covering damaged natural nails. Can be cured under LED or UV. 25g; 2500ksh...

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  • Clear Building Gel

    Clear Building Gel

    This is  3 in 1 clear building gel. Its has a perfect thick consistency for self leveling, what makes it very easy to use. It can be used as a...

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